The difference between hybrid and non hybrid breeds

2013-07-31 10:25:35 admin

Hybrid breeds are the results after a breed between distinct types of plant or animal. The product or offspring has the desired characteristics which are similar to those of the parents. Hybrids, whether in plants or animals have the advantage in that they are vigorous and healthier than parents. Plants that are as a result of hybrid breeds produce more and high quality fruits with uniformity as compared to those of their origin. Another characteristic is that they show more resistance to pest and disease attack. This is known as hybrid vigor.

A non-hybrid seed is also known as open pollinated. They have been grown for many generations and their characteristic faded with time. Due to change in the environment, they have adapted to a specific condition and therefore depend on seasons to produce.

Their produce is of low quality compared to that of hybrid seeds. Most farmers opt to plant them due to their cheapness and availability. The end of it is low quality harvest. Both types of breeds are different from the genetically modified breed. GMOs are as a result of genetic modification inside the chromosome or a living organism. The best character in them is not natural.

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